Driving Efficiency and Productivity Improvements for Private Water Companies


Closely working with one of the largest private water operators in North America, Echologics has validated new infrastructure management approaches to drive efficiency and cost-savings.  Water main condition assessment programs are not only used to justify rate increases, but also to help determine the class of structural lining required for rehabilitation and to ensure that the right pipes are targeted for replacement.  Permanent leak detection technology is helping to improve customer service but is also enabling the company to prioritize pipe repair and crew schedules.

Listen to an audio podcast about permanent leak detection.

Listen to an audio podcast about ePulse® condition assessment.

Typical Applications

  • Capital improvement plan optimization
  • Proactive asset management programs
  • New system acquisition
  • Rate case justifications
  • Pipeline condition assessment
  • Large-scale leak detection programs
  • Transmission main monitoring
  • Water main monitoring during construction

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