Municipal Water Main Infrastructure


From finding a single leak on a transmission main to multi-year condition assessment programs that become a critical source of information for utility CIP optimization, Echologics is providing utilities with a new generation of user-friendly solutions.


Echologics smart technologies enable water utilities to better understand and manage buried pipeline infrastructure.  ePulse® technology is the industry’s first solution that can identify the condition of both distribution and transmission mains, while simultaneously searching for leaks, all without the need for service disruption.


Based on the experience gained from surveying thousands of miles of pipeline, Echologics developed a new generation of permanent leak monitoring technologies for distribution and transmission mains.  These new smart technologies alert a utility to the early formation of a leak and enable informed decision making to minimize repair cost, infrastructure damage and water loss.

Listen to an audio podcast about ePulse condition assessment.

Listen to an audio podcast about permanent leak detection.


Typical Applications

  • Capital improvement plan optimization
  • Proactive asset management programs
  • Pipeline condition assessment
  • System wide leak detection programs
  • Transmission main leak monitoring
  • Water main monitoring during construction
  • Pre and post construction services
  • Non-revenue water loss solutions
  • Emergency inspections after natural disasters

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