Continuous Leak Monitoring for Distribution Mains


Water leaks near key transportation corridors, production facilities, and construction sites can impact the community. Continuous water leak monitoring with the permanently installed EchoShore-DX system offers early visibility to leaks as they form. Rapid awareness offers new opportunities to engage the community and plan for efficient repairs. Proactive leak detection is a valuable tool to manage the environmental risks, reduce non-revenue water, and extend pipe asset life. 




The EchoShore-DX system pairs reliable hardware with cutting-edge acoustic analysis and artificial intelligence leak flagging algorithms.

EchoShore-DX leak detection sensors are easy to install, simple to maintain, and deliver actionable leak recommendations. The EchoShore-DX system is the only system with fire hydrant and valve-based sensors that work seamlessly together. 

Leak alerts are available through the Sentryx™ Water Intelligence platform and have open APIs for work order management integration. Our system performs artificial intelligence analysis to deliver specific leak investigation recommendations, including the specific leak location, leak progression, amongst other deliverables. EchoShore-DX delivers rapid leak alerts without the need to add resources to help manage the data. 



System Benefits:

  • Monitor critical pipelines and protect key areas
  • Track leak progression over time
  • Prevent catastrophic breaks
  • Address environmental concerns
  • Prioritize field crew schedules
  • Minimize field activities to detect and locate leaks
  • Significantly reduce pipe repair costs
  • Achieve non-revenue water loss targets


System Features:

  • Versatile design paired with rugged hardware
  • 10-year battery life
  • IoT Data Communications
  • Dedicated support and analysis team
  • AI analytics
  • Secure, user-friendly interface



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