ePulse® Pipeline Condition Assessment

The ePulse condition assessment solution is the industry’s first approach that can identify the condition of both distribution and transmission mains, while simultaneously searching for leaks, all without the need for large excavations or service disruptions. Leading utilities around the world are turning to ePulse technology because of its practical and added value approach.


ePulse technology has simplified inspection and condition assessment of buried pipeline assets. Inspection and data collection does not require access to the inside of a pipe or extensive support from utility field crews.

Pipe Diameters

  • Distribution Main – 4-inches to 12-inches

  • Transmission Main – 16-inches to over 90-inches

Pipe Materials

  • Asbestos Cement (AC) Pipe

  • Cast Iron (CI) Pipe

  • Ductile Iron (DI) Pipe

  • Steel and Mortar Lined

  • Pre-stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP) 

Typical Applications

  • Understand the condition of a specific pipe section

  • Gather asset information for CIP plan

  • Confirm and validate desktop studies

  • Validate and confirm need prior to pipe replacement

  • Selection of pipe rehabilitation and lining strategy 

  • Understand pipe condition prior to road resurfacing


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