Remaining Service Life Estimation for Water Mains


The EchoLife remaining service life estimation approach helps utilities and water operators in integrating field inspection data with asset management planning and decision making.


ePulse® condition assessment technology results are used as the base input for EchoLife Remaining Service Life estimations, which use a linear degradation rate to project when the inspected pipe segment will reach its critical point for replacement or rehabilitation.


The remaining service life approach is popular with utilities due to its practical and actionable approach.

  • Prioritize replacement programs
  • Optimize capital investment programs by targeting the pipes in the worst condition
  • Straight forward and easy to understand report allows utilities to immediately start implementing report results


The remaining life calculation is based on the average remaining structural wall thickness to support the loads, known as the critical pipe wall thickness. In addition to the condition assessment results, the following inputs are typically added to the estimation:

  • Depth of Installation (surface to crown)
  • Traffic loads (e.g. H-20, E-80)
  • Operating and surge pressures
  • Pipe bedding and backfill conditions
  • Internal and external load safety factors

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