EchoShore®-TX Transmission Main Monitoring


While it often starts with a leak, historically many water operators have waited until there is an evident problem or rupture on a critical transmission main to react. Today’s utilities have a proven and cost-effective monitoring option that notifies them with a problem in a main. The EchoShore-TX platform will call, text or email you promptly after detecting a leak or other anomaly. Through monitoring and notification, utility response time can be significantly reduced to help mitigate infrastructure damage and water loss.

Apply to Critical Transmission Mains

  • Bridges and river crossings
  • Major roadways and transport links
  • Mains without redundancy
  • Critical feeder mains
  • Mains with a history of rupture or leakage
  • Industrial supply lines
  • Construction zone monitoring

Install Without Service Disruption

  • Pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP)
  • Steel mains
  • Cast iron pipe
  • Ductile iron mains

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