Inspecting Water Main Infrastructure at Campuses


University, college and corporate campuses focus on education and training, and a reliable water supply is critical to operations.  These sites are now facing many of the same aging water infrastructure challenges as our municipal clients.  From innovative and permanent leak detection monitoring technologies to inspecting the remaining structural strength of water mains on campus grounds to help avoid water main breaks and water loss, Echologics technology is ideally suited to quickly inspect a wide variety of pipe material and diameters without service disruption or impact of campus operations. Our highly trained field engineers have successfully completed several high profile campus projects and understand the unique requirements for security, safety and environmental protection.


Typical Applications

  • Regulatory and environmental compliance reporting
  • Capital improvement plan optimization
  • Fire line inspection
  • Steam, hot water and chill water lines
  • Leak location on a water supply line
  • Avoidance of disruption from water main breaks

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