Don’t Let Water Main Infrastructure Stop Your Project


Echologics offers utilities and construction contractors a variety of unique services to help ensure the protection of critical water mains during construction activity such as transit projects, high-rise building and bridge construction.  Our solutions are quick to mobilize and cost-effective to deploy in the field.  From confirming that a water main is leak free prior to the start of construction, to continuously monitoring for the development of leaks during pile driving or tunneling activity near a critical transmission main.  Echologics field engineers are highly trained in health and safety standards, roadway safety and environmental standards to help ensure that your projects stays on track and on budget.


Typical Applications

  • Water main monitoring during construction
  • Pre-construction water main condition check
  • Water main inspection prior to road paving
  • Water main inspection prior to permeable paver installation
  • Hydrostatic pressure test failure
  • Leak detection

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