Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Services


Echologics have the expertise, tools and experience required to assist water utilities in the implementation of a Water Audit following current industry best practices developed by the AWWA and IWA.  Several members of the Echologics team serve on industry committees of AWWA and  IWA to help advance and promote water auditing procedures.


For most water system managers, achieving long term and sustainable reductions in NRW requires buy-in from all departments, adequate financial resources to implement the required reduction measures and technical expertise to achieve the targets. Building on the results of the water audit, establishing achievable NRW reduction targets and setting your economic leakage level requires proven experience and expertise.  Using the portfolio of Echologics technologies, our in-house NRW experts can help utilities reduce NRW.



Water Auditing

  • Production Meter Testing & Validation
  • Customer Meter Testing & Validation
  • Unmetered Consumption Validation

Typical Application

  • IWA/AWWA Standard Water Balance
  • Water Balance Component Validation
  • Assessment and Valuation of Real & Apparent Losses
  • Component Analysis of Real & Apparent Losses

NRW Program Development & Implementation

  • Pressure Management
  • Active Leakage Control
  • Speed and Quality of Repairs
  • Asset Renewal & Replacement

Typical Application

  • Water Loss Reduction Program
  • Real Loss Reduction Services
  • Apparent Loss Reduction Services

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