Aging Water Infrastructure Solutions Handbook

In areas where freshwater resources are limited, aging infrastructure remains a significant challenge for water utilities. With the miles of pipelines underneath streets getting closer to the end of their useful life, leakage rates increase or worse, main breaks occur. While every dollar counts in business, every drop counts even more for water utilities.

Combating Water Loss with Technology

Water loss and non-revenue water (NRW) are enormous obstacles for utilities and the communities they serve. The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart technologies has made it possible for utilities to get a better grasp on NRW. In this publication, you will find success stories and tips on how to take control of the water that is flowing through your aging water distribution systems. Brought to you by Mueller Water Products, the Aging Water Infrastructure Solutions Handbook encompasses the “journey” of potable water and how Mueller® solutions have made an impact:

• At the water source

• At the treatment plant

• In pipes below ground

• On the street, and

• In the cloud, where the data lives

As a single-source supplier for utilities, Mueller Water Products provides a key partnership for those who are looking to gain better perspectives on their nonrevenue water and have goals to rein in water loss.

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