Reduce the Cost of PCCP Assessment Programs

Assessing and monitoring the condition of large diameter prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) is an important and challenging task. Water providers want solutions delivering the accuracy of complex electromagnetic (EM) and internal survey methods but without the operational challenges, limitations, and cost.

The Echologics® ePulse® condition assessment technology uses non-invasive and non-intrusive acoustic wave propagation (AWP) to identify sections of pipeline with reduced structural stiffness, and estimate the average remaining structural strength or wall thickness. Captured acoustic data is also analyzed for the presence of pipeline leaks, avoiding the need to conduct separate leak detection inspections. For highly critical pipelines, the EchoShore®-TX permanent monitoring platform can also be deployed to monitor leakage, static pressure, and other anomalies within the lines.

A key differentiator for Echologics involves the use of a prominent third-party consulting firm for analysis and recommendations involving pipeline condition assessments, rather than providing the service in-house. Echologics collaborates with Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc. (SG&H), a renowned engineering firm with world-class expertise in PCCP design and construction. This collaboration maintains a firm business separation between performing on-site pipeline condition assessments and the role of analyzing survey data and making recommendations, avoiding conflict-of-interest pitfalls and risks while providing clients with expert pipeline management advice.

Field inspections have shown that survey results of nonintrusive acoustic-based ePulse® survey can closely match those of electromagnetic inspections, water utilities and municipalities now have a flexible option that delivers high accuracy without high cost.