Mueller Drought Handbook

Drought-stricken areas of the United States continue to carefully monitor their water resources and examine the state of their water infrastructure as supplies dwindle, impacting nearly every corner of the regions affected. in california, residents voted drought as its top concern over other issues such as the economy and employment, according to a 2015 poll commissioned by the california Water foundation. the survey also indicated residents were willing to pay more to fund infrastructure improvements. With mandated water usage restrictions in place, communities must work to ensure water resources are managed efficiently and wisely.

There are a variety of approaches and methods available to help water utilities combat the effects of extreme drought in their communities. this publication, fittingly titled the Drought Handbook, highlights solutions that can help your organization monitor water networks, detect pipeline leaks, assess the state of your water infrastructure and more. With the need to improve infrastructure cited as vital in much of these drought-affected areas, it is important to take a look at your water network and gauge areas where you can rein in costs, reduce non-revenue water and manage resources effectively. The more tools utilities have in their arsenal, the more they can combat drought and keep precious water systems intact.

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