Catch and Repair Leaks Early

United Water New Jersey wanted to improve water conservation and reduce non-revenue water, particularly in large-diameter mains. Find out how they were able to pinpoint a sub-river leak and quickly repair it, before causing greater damage.

Reduce Non-Revenue Water

When West Virginia American Water’s leak detection methods sent false alarms that resulted in dry holes, they started to make some changes. Find out how they identified dozens of leaks – many before they surfaced – and reduced water loss by more than 2 million gallons per day.

Survey Long Lengths of Pipe – Quickly

When Jalur Cahaya Sdn Bhd (JC) was tasked with surveying a large network of transmission mains, they hit a speedbump – their existing technologies wouldn’t work for about 1,800 miles’ worth of pipe. See how they partnered with Echologics® to complete non-invasive leak detection throughout the pipe network.


Get precise leak monitoring and reliable alerts with our acoustic leak monitoring system for distribution mains.


Monitor your critical transmission mains for leaks with our acoustic leak-monitoring system.


Quickly pinpoint leaks on transmission mains with our mobile leak-detection system.


Have highly trained and certified field engineers survey your transmission mains using an advanced, non-invasive leak correlator.


Accurately pinpoint leaks – even very quiet leaks – with our compact leak detection system.

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