2016 Best Smart Water Technology Award

Article | Sep 15, 2016

Best Smart Water Solution Award

Echologics as part of a broader Mueller Water Products, Inc. team received the 2016 Best Smart Water Solution award at the Smart Water Summit which took place in Florida.  Over 100 utility executives selected the award recipient after hearing presentations from nearly 40 smart water technology providers. [...]

EchoShore-DX Locates a Water Main Leak for Repair

Article | Aug 25, 2016

IoT - Make the Right Decisions at the Right Time

Echologics is one of several water-industry companies collaborating closely with Bell Canada to create and launch integrated IoT-based solutions for deployment by water utilities. Data gathered by Echologics sensors and automated devices communicating through Bell’s planned low-power LTE-M wireless networks are processed by enterprise-grade data aggregation and reporting software, enabling utilities to boost operational efficiencies, cut costs, and deliver improved service to customers.[...]

Echologics MasterClass for Water Loss and Pressure Management

Article | Aug 16, 2016

On-Going Training for Water Loss and Pressure Management

Echologics is committed to providing world-class training programs for its field engineers.  Hands on courses are provided at Echologics 3-acre training and research facility located in Walkerton, Ontario, while in-class learning is provided by a number of world renowned experts such as Allan Lambert of ILMSS Ltd.  A core group of Echologics staff recently attended a MasterClass for Water Loss and Pressure Management North Wales provided by Mr. Lambert. [...]

Echologics Leak Detection in China

Article | Aug 10, 2016

Leak Detection Workshop in China

For a country with 20% of the World’s population, but only 6% of global freshwater resources, China faces some major water scarcity issues.  Despite an extensive national water supply network, a rapidly growing population is putting ever increasing strain on a network suffering from aging infrastructure and inadequate management.  Despite major initiatives driven by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD), China faces a national NRW rate of approx. 21%, equivalent to 37 m3/km/day.[...]

Article | Aug 9, 2016

Water & Wastewater Asia Magazine Interview with Mark Nicol, Regional Director, Asia

Water scarcity is increasing around the world, and utilities are scrambling to gain better control of their resources now more than ever. Against this backdrop, Echologics has entered the Southeast Asia market to empower utilities with improved knowledge of their water pipelines so they are able to address their water-related situations – with non-invasive technologies! Especially during a period when governments are also exploring smart technologies to boost performance efficiencies, it seems like Echologics’ entry into the market could not have come at a better time.[...]

Article | Aug 3, 2016

Inspecting water mains using acoustic technology in Norway

Determining the remaining life of water mains can be a challenging operation. A Norwegian based water company, has recently field tested a new method for this, based on the use of already proven acoustic technology from Echologics. The field tests are designed to help the water company make it easier to plan maintenance and rehabilitation of the water network. [...]

Article | Jul 22, 2016

Monitoring at the ASCE Pipelines Conference

The annual ASCE Pipelines Conference took place in Kansas City, Missouri from July 17-20.  The theme of the conference which brings together leading transmission and distribution main operators and engineers from around the world was “doing more with less” while ensuring that buried pipeline assets operate safely over their design life.  The conference not only provided examples of how cities are dealing with aging water main infrastructure, but presented new methods and creative thinking to better manage these assets.  [...]

Marc Bracken Echologics at Singapore International Water Week

Article | Jul 14, 2016

Making a Big Impact in Singapore

Echologics recently attended Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) which is a global event for the water industry showcasing the latest technologies, best practices and business opportunities.  It’s a strategic program launched by the Singapore Government to grow the water industry and develop water technologies for the greater Asian region. [...]

Article | Jun 25, 2016

Plugging Leaks and Saving Water in Asia

Almost 29 billion cubic metres of water are lost each year in Asia due to leaks and water theft from water networks. Acoustic-based technologies from Echologics can enable water companies and utilities to locate leaks quickly and without ground excavations.[...]

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