Sometimes, the best way to hear a leak is to eliminate other noises.


Accurate and innovative, the LeakTuner™ leak-listening device locates leaks in water distribution pipelines with superior precision.  Featuring simple menu-driven controls, this durable, light instrument offers superior sound quality and flexibility of operation.


With its tunable filters, the LeakTuner unit can be customized to suit operators’ needs and preferences.  Not only can users choose frequency ranges from pre-programmed settings options for all pipe types that best allow them to hear leak noise, the range can also be set to eliminate other sources of noise – a problem for other leak sounding equipment.  LeakTuner’s ability to substantially reduce both electronic ‘white’ noise as well as ambient background noise enables users to detect even the quietest leaks.


Pre-programmed pipe types that automatically set audio filters to optimum settings

  • High-quality audio amplifier for superior acoustic quality
  • Simple-to-use menu-driven controls
  • Compact waterproof system
  • Ability to store and recall leak history
  • Long-life rechargeable batteries
  • Fully electronic pushbutton operation
  • Specifically designed to filter ambient noise

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