Advanced Leak Detection Products for Every Pipe Material – Including PVC


Whether you are searching for an advanced acoustic correlator or a sophisticated, yet simple-to-use leak listener, Echologics’ proprietary acoustic technologies put proven leak detection tools in your hands.  Water experts from around the world are choosing Echologics leak detection equipment because of its ability to detect leaks accurately and efficiently on all pipe types including PVC.


Echologics has a long history of developing award winning acoustic technologies for leak detection on buried water pipelines.   Echologics worked with the National Research Council of Canada to develop a correlator that can find leaks accurately on plastic pipe materials.  Since developing our first technology, our flagship product line called the LeakFinder correlator has been proven to work on virtually any pipe material and has won numerous head-to-head challenges vs competing products.   Echologics’ R&D team works closely with utility technicians and Echologics' field team to design and develop products that are easy to use.  We also offer leak detection training so that a utility can quickly learn how to use the correlators and be in the field searching for leaks.

Our products are compact, rugged, water-resistant and designed to reliably operate in the toughest of field conditions. Your satisfaction is very important to us. Our customer service team is always available to answer any questions about our products.



Echologics offers a full suite of leak detection tools including correlators and listening devices.

 Advanced acoustic leak detection correlator. Proven on virtually all pipe materials including PVC. Designed to pinpoint leaks on pressurized water distribution mains.

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Robust, full-featured acoustic leak listener. Easy to use, simple menu-driven controls. Designed to identify and confirm leaks on distribution mains.

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Audio electronic leak listener. Ground sounding device. Can identify and confirm leaks on distribution mains.

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